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Pablo Picaso

Pablo Picaso

Name: Guess who's back?
Author: Pablo Picaso
Time: Right Now!
Place: Local Art Gallery (LAG)

Our sources have confirmed that Pablo Picaso is in fact not dead and still kicking. In fact he's having a new art exhibit titled "Guess who's back?" in the local art gallery. Be sure to check it out!

Best Concert Ever



Name: Best Concert Ever
Author: Unknown
Time: As Soon As Possible (Probably)
Place: Local Venue

In order to save themselves from imminent bankruptcy, the local venue which no one has ever been to has announced that they plan to host "the best concert ever". No further details are yet known, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest info fresh!

Arrival of Zombies


Name: Arrival of Zombies
Author: Theatre Association
Time: June 18th, 16:00 PM
Place: Local Theatre

In order to gain back some appreciation for theatre and show the public the difference it has with cinema, the local theatre has announced that for their next show titled "Arrival of Zombies", they will use actual live zombies, who will proceed to kill and eat the audience.

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